Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recipe #219 - RJ-11 Rye/Jasmine Summer Ale

I actually brewed this 2 weeks ago, but figured I'd go ahead and post it now. This is based on a recipe from San Francisco Brewcraft, my FLHBS. I've actually had a commercial beer flavored with jasmine, Avatar Jasmine IPA from Elysian Brewing in Seattle, which is quite good and has inspired me to try making jasmine pales in the past.

For those keeping track, this is my 219th batch of beer.

7 lbs domestic 2-row
3 lbs domestic Vienna
0.75 lb rye malt
0.5 lb cara-pils
0.5 lb flaked oats
0.25 lb rice hulls*

1 oz. Liberty @ 4.9%AA 60 min
1 oz. " 20 min
1 oz. " 5 min

White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP 001)

I gathered about an ounce of jasmine flowers from around the neighborhood, and macerated them in about 4 ounces of undiluted house vodka (~190 proof). This will be strained and poured into the secondary after about 2 weeks, just before bottling.

*Because the rye and oats don't have much hull, they can gum up the running of the mash. The rice hulls provide extra filtering "roughage" to compensate for this. I usually poor them into the mash tun first, and then they get mixed into the bottom portion of the mash.

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