Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brewpub Review - Buffalo Bill's, Hayward CA

While I'm on the subject of Hayward, let me plug Buffalo Bill's brewpub, which is just up the block from The Bistro. They're probably best known for their seasonal Pumpkin Ale, which has been a Bay Area fixture for a long time. They make a variety of beers, lots of them with fruit (orange blossom cream ale, strawberry blonde with ginger, blueberry stout, and an imperial pumpkin; I think I had a Tasmanian Devil strong ale, but I'm not too sure - by that point, I was IPA-and-away...). They also have decent pub grub (I had a nice pastrami sandwhich), and some outdoor seating, which is nice if you're visiting from someplace lacking in both sun and outdoor seating like SF. Probably not worth a trip down on its own, but if you're in Hayward, definitely worth checking out.

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