Friday, August 10, 2012

Recipe #220 - Vanilla smoked porter

The last batch of beer that I brewed in 2011 was a smoked porter, based on the book from Stone Brewing, one of my favorite breweries, in Escondido CA. (After all, their flagship beer is Arrogant Bastard, how could I not love them?) My beer wasn't quite as robust, or as smoky, as I wanted, however. Then, a couple of months back, Dr. P and I found a bottle of their special release Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean, which was really, really tasty, so Dr. P encouraged me to try my hand at it. She's good that way.

9 lbs domestic 2-row
2 lbs domestic Vienna
1 lb 80L crystal malt
1/2 lb chocolate malt
1/2 lb carafa malt
1/2 lb smoked malt

1 oz. Columbus @ 13.9% AA 60 min
1 oz. Mt. Hood @ 5.4% AA 20 min
1 oz. Mt. Hood @ 5.4% AA 5 min

White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast (WLP 007)

Vanilla infusion - split 1 vanilla bean, soak in 4 ounces of undiluted house vodka (~190 proof) for 1 week, add to secondary.

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